Curated by Georg Bak

generative photography at paris photo digital 2023

9—12 November, 2023 | Paris Photo
Digital Sector. booth SD02

"Generative Photography: From light and paper to NFT and artificial intelligence", curated by Georg Bak, together with Christina Scheublein and Photo Edition Berlin 

The exhibition focuses on generative and digital artworks representing the pioneers of concrete and generative photography since the 1960s as well as second-generation artists exploring the boundaries of photography and new digital imaging techniques.

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Georg Bak curated show onCHained exhibition in Zug Switzerland

7—28 September, 2023 | unpaired. NFT Gallery

"onCHained: Swiss NFT Show", curated by Georg Bak 

The exhibition includes works by internationally renowned artists such as Urs Fischer, Andreas Gysin (aka ertdfgcvb), Leander Herzog and Eko33, as well as young talents, some of whom will present entirely new works to the public for the first time. 

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THE THINKING MACHINE. PRESENTING PIONEERS Heinrich Heidersberger AT and curated by Anika Meier and Georg Bak

6—27 June, 2023 | EXPANDED ART GALLERY


EXPANDED.ART presents the international group exhibition of early computer art and generative art, THE THINKING MACHINE. PRESENTING PIONEERS in collaboration with

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FREAK SHOW NFT created by Ganbrood

5 April—11 May, 2023 | unpaired. NFT Gallery

"FREAK SHOW", curated by Ganbrood & Georg Bak 

A group NFT exhibition featuring artists Ganbrood, Memo Akten, Olga Fedorova, Daichi Mori, Phosphor, Kenny Schachter, Iñigo Bilbao, Viola Rama, Robert Robert McNally, Nude Robot, Erika Weitz, Formless, David Henry Nobody. The foreword of the exhibition is written by Kenny Schachter.

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Solimán López INTRONS NFT

1—5 March 2023 | Art Dubai Digital | Booth: X14

"INTRONS Project", curated by Georg Bak 

In a world where technology and digital advancement have revolutionised the way we see ourselves, the INTRONS Project by Solimán López brings a unique perspective on how we perceive ourselves in the digital realm.

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Liebe Maschine male mir group NFT exhibition Frieder Nake Hommage to Gerhard Richter

27 October—25 December, 2022 | elementum NFT Gallery at the Circle Zurich

"Liebe Maschine, male mir", curated by Georg Bak & Kate Vass

The show showcases algorithmic artworks by Frieder Nake, Herbert W. Franke, Hein Gravenhorst, Manfred P. Kage, Alexander Mordvintsev, Ganbrood, and Espen Kluge. Exploring the relationship between artists and technology, the exhibition highlights how algorithms and artificial intelligence have become essential tools in the creation of art.

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Punycodes first art NFTs from 2011. These artworks are emojis, ASCII art, and words encrypted in the Punycode language on the Namecoin blockchain. There is a current debate on the questions of whether these are NFTs and whether they are regarded as art. Some NFT archeologists would classify them as the cave paintings of crypto art, as valuable archeological artifacts on the blockchain.⁠

28 September—25 October, 2022 | elementum NFT Gallery at the Circle Zurich

"Punycodes, 2011-2017", curated by Georg Bak

Punycodes are arguably the first art NFTs dating back to 2011. These artworks are emojis, ASCII art, and words encrypted in the Punycode language on the Namecoin blockchain. Some NFT archeologists would classify them as the cave paintings of crypto art, as valuable archeological artifacts on the blockchain.⁠

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Aaron Huey photos National Geographic Edges of the Metaverse curated by Georg Bak

28 September—25 October, 2022 | elementum NFT Gallery at the Circle Zurich

"Edges of the Metaverse", curated by Georg Bak

Aaron Huey is the first artist to study and explore the distant edges of the metaverse(s) where the avatar is the main character of a solo performance. Through the virtual lenses of his camera, the unknown lands and edges of the metaverse are being documented and mapped during a journey of exploration and meditation.

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CryptoPunks from the 1OF1 Collection

24 August—14 September, 2022 | unpaired. NFT Gallery 

"NFT Late Summer Party", curated by Georg Bak & Scripted Fantasy

The "NFT Late Summer Party" group exhibition presented works from the 1of1 collection featuring Beeple, IX Shells, Refik Anadol, Sarah Meyohas, Mad Dog Jones, Tove Lo x Blake Kathryn, Forgotten Runes, Maxim Zhestkov, Larva Labs, and Tom Sachs.

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Erick Calderon (Snowfro) Ex-Machina A History of Generative Art Generative art auction sale and exhibition Phillips London

11 July—5 August, 2022 | Phillips London Headquarters

"Ex-Machina | A History of Generative Art", curated by Georg Bak & Benjamin Kandler

An exhibition of early computer art, video art, and digital art which illustrates the history of generative art. Featuring works by pioneers Vera Molnar, Herbert W. Franke and Gottfried Jäger as well as new works by generative NFT artists Snowfro and Dmitri Cherniak.

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Herbert W. Franke Mathematica series exhibition Gerber & Stauffer Fine Art

17 September—26 November, 2021 | GERBER & STAUFFER FINE ARTS

"HERBERT W. FRANKE – Pioneer of Digital Art", curated by Georg Bak

The exhibition traces the evolution of Herbert W. Franke’s ground-breaking oeuvre from its analogue beginnings in the 1950s to today’s NFTs and presents digital homages to Franke by Reeps100 and the digital art collective CryptoWiener.

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CryptoPunks NFTs on Paper sale sothebys london curated by georg bak nft curator

24 June—1 July, 2021 | Sotheby's London Headquarters

"Sealed CryptoPunks: Five Punks on Paper", curated by Georg Bak

In 2018, Larva Labs turned their CryptoPunk NFT project into physical lithographs, creating only 24 signed pieces. Sotheby's London auctioned five of rare physical CryptoPunks in 2021, curated by Georg Bak. CryptoPunks are highly regarded as iconic NFTs that have had a profound impact on merging the worlds of cryptocurrency and fine art.

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automat und mensch generative art exhibition kate vass galerie zurich

16 November, 2018—11 January, 2019 | Kate Vass Galerie

"Automat und Mensch", curated by Georg Bak & Jason Bailey

This group exhibition showcased significant works by generative artists spanning the past 70 years. From Herbert W. Franke's iconic Oscillograms from 1956/’57 to Robbie Barrat's trailblazing AI Generated Nude Portrait #1 from 2018, the exhibition unraveled the complete chronicle and wide-ranging diversity of generative art and AI creativity. 

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CryptoPunks art gallery exhibition Georg Bak

16 November, 2018—11 January, 2019 | Kate Vass Galerie

"{ PERFECT & PRICELESS } - Value Systems on the Blockchain", curated by Georg Bak

Part of a group exhibition, this is the first time CryptoPunks were exhibited in a physical art gallery. The group show showcased works by early figures of blockchain art including Ai Weiwei and Kevin Abosch.

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Thinking In Algorithms Scheublein+Bak pioneers of computer art and digital artists

22 September, 2016—13 January, 2017 | SCHEUBLEIN + BAK

"Thinking In Algorithms", curated by Georg Bak & Christina Scheublein

"Thinking In Algorithms" is an exhibition of vintage algorithmic photography from the 1950s and 1960s, featuring pioneers of cybernetic art. It combines pioneers of computer art with contemporary artists, showcasing the exchange through digital technology.

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Karl Martin Holzhauser

10 March—29 April, 2016 | SCHEUBLEIN + BAK

"Karl Martin Holzhäuser: Light Painting (Licht Malerei)", curated by Georg Bak & Christina Scheublein

SCHEUBLEIN + BAK introduces the first solo exhibition of German artist Karl Martin Holzhäuser, a leading figure in Generative Photography. His modular light paintings, echoing mid-20th-century American color field art, establish him as a pivotal colorist in this influential photographic movement.

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Paris Photo 2015

12—15 November, 2015 | Paris Photo

Booth B45, curated by Georg Bak & Christina Scheublein

On the occasion of Paris Photo 2015, SCHEUBLEIN + BAK presents a selection of rare vintage photographs by Herbert W. Franke, Gottfried Jäger, Karl Martin Holzhäuser and Heinrich Heidersberger alongside contemporary works by Michael Reisch and Dan Holdsworth.

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Against Photography Scheublein Bak pioneers of computer art

10 June—28 August, 2015 | SCHEUBLEIN + BAK

"Against Photography", curated by Georg Bak & Christina Scheublein

"SCHEUBLEIN + BAK showcases the neglected movement of concrete and generative photography from the 1960s. 'Against Photography' features unique prints that pioneered computer aesthetics and cybernetic art, shaping the discourse on data images and digital photography.

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Arachne’s Return group exhibition with Manuel Franquelo, Craigie Horsfield, Grayson Perry, Marc Quinn

14 March—14 April, 2012 | SCHEUBLEIN Fine Art

"Arachne's Return", curated by Adam Lowe 

"Arachne’s Return" presents works by Manuel Franquelo, Craigie Horsfield, Grayson Perry, and Marc Quinn. The exhibition celebrates some of today’s most influential contemporary artists who have lent their craft to transform tapestry into one of the most innovative mediums. They clearly confirm the notion that the future of weaving lies in a web of infinite possibilities.

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